People have often asked what should be done about bird’s nests under solar panels. Normally speaking it gets too hot under the panels, so that the nest is often empty. However, birds may continue to actively build nests, even after you remove the twigs. Are you irritated by the sounds on the roof or would you like to protect your solar panels, so that it’s difficult for birds to build a nest? Then we have a solution for you.


Why must solar panels be protected against birds? The output from the panels decreases when the natural ventilation beneath the panels is restricted by twigs and nes

t material. The hotter the panels get, the lower the efficiency. There is even an increased risk of fire. No more noise nuisance from birds between the roof and the solar panels. Th

e twigs the birds bring may also cause scratches on the back sheet of the panel, which may result in earth leakage problems. Birds should not really have the chance to nest there.


If your solar panel consists of an aluminium profile on the inside, the BirdBlocker can be mounted quickly and easily with our customised clipping brackets (included). The BirdBlocker bird protection offers a 99% certainty that the birds under the solar panels will stay away. However, the birds may still find a way through the strips. You can also assemble the BirdBlocker yourself or have this done by a handyman. We only assemble these strips when we install the solar panel systems ourselves. This is in connection with the guarantee on the system. The BirdBlocker is supplied per linear metre. It includes 7 stainless steel clips for securing the BirdBlocker. Please note: the Birdblocker must not be screwed or glued in place. The guarantee on your panels may be at stake if you screw or glue the Birdblocker.


Jackdaws are almost always the culprit. Lots of twigs under the panels may even cause scratches on the plastic foil at the bottom of the panels. If these scratches are deep and even penetrate the plastic, it may lead to a resistance error on the inverter. The system then becomes idle, which is obviously not the intention. This means that the panels in question are damaged beyond repair. With a SolarEdge inverter system, this problem can be detected remotely. When you choose Solarwatt double glass panels, the twigs beneath the panels cannot do any harm, because the lower outer layer of this type of panel is made of glass.

Always follow the assembly instructions when using the system.
BirdBlocker cannot be held liable in relation to the assembly of the product.