BirdBlocker will work on 95% of the conventional panels and sub-constructions. Check whether the panels have a flat bottom section as shown on the pictures below. The BirdBlocker will be secured against this section.

The best solution is to mount the BirdBlocker preventively. Once the birds know they can use this space safely or have built a nest there before, it may be quite difficult to deter them. Particularly when there are eggs in the nest, they somehow manage to find a way under the panels. Placing the BirdBlocker during the nesting period is therefore inadvisable. It is even an offence in several countries to remove nests during this period.

Measure the outer measurement of the set of panels in advance (see illustration below). The standard 60-cell panels generally measure ±165cm in length and ±100cm in width. The type of panel for your system will be listed on the invoice. A data sheet for the panels in question is also generally available on the Internet. This data sheet shows the dimensions. In this way it is easy to calculate the total dimensions. The BirdBlocker is sold per metre and can be easily cut to size with large scissors or wire cutters.
Note: order a few extra metres, because there will always be some waste cutting material.

Always ensure your own safety when on the roof (fall protection harness) and stay on the ground in very windy weather.

At least seven specially-developed clips are supplied per metre.

The BirdBlocker can easily be cut with large scissors, a knife or a pair of wire cutters.

Download manuals here

Always follow the assembly instructions.
BirdBlocker cannot be held liable in connection with the assembly of the product.